The Gardens features a private collection of native and exotic birds (with permits for avi-culture) -some of which were originally 'rescued' from the wildlife trade - including Pheasants (Argus, Peafowl, Crested Fireback), Parrots (cockatoos, eclectus, macaws), Pigeons (Nicobar, Crown, Pied Imperial) & Hornbills (Rhinoceros, Wreathed, Tarictic)
The Botanical Collection include rare and endangered Malaysian plants under ex situ conservation (a research programme undertaken by Folia malaysiana, with a larger counterpart collection at Suriana Gardens*. The plant list includes Palms (e.g. Areca tunku), Gingers (many rare or new species), Orchids, Ferns, etc. Other notable flora include the Jade Vine, Bauhinia, Passiflora, Chonemorpha, Calathea, Begonia, Bromeliads - and the native Maingaya malayana. In the grounds of Bellevue are to be found many interesting Tree species, such as Dacrydium elata, Pangium edule, Glennia philippinensi, Garcinia atro-viridis, etc.